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GEMINI output file .ATX

--- .ATX file contains a family after-federal-income-and-payroll-tax
              income statistic for living cohort sample individuals
              at age STATS.atx_age.

The GEMINI runNNNNN.atx file has no heading lines and no summary lines.
There is one line for each sample individual alive at the specified
age in the cohort input file. The statistics on a line are separated
by the tab character.

The summary statistics on each line are as follows:
( 1) scenar: scenario number.
( 2) ind_id: individual number (starts at 1 for each scenario).
( 3) gender: 0 ==> male, 1 ==> female.
( 4) educat: 1 ==> high school dropout;    2 ==> high school graduate;
             3 ==> attended some college;  4 ==> four-year college degree or
                                                 graduate degree.
( 5) im_age: immigration (at start of year) age (0 ==> native-born indiv).
( 6) em_age: emigration (at start of year) age (999 ==> no emigration).
( 7) age for which following statistics are collected (STATS.atx_age).
( 8) federal income tax filing status:
       -1 = not a tax unit because is a dependent on another tax return or
            because is not a documented resident;
        0 = single (single without dependent children);
        1 = married filing jointly (married couples always file jointly);
        2 = head of household (single with dependent children).
( 9) tax unit is nonfiler (0=no, 1=yes).
       NOTE: can be nonfiler because of -1 filing status or low income.
(10) nominal adjusted gross income (AGI) of individual's tax filing unit ($K).
       NOTE: AGI is set to zero for nonfiler tax units.
(11) nominal federal income tax liability of individual's tax filing unit ($K).
       NOTE: liability is set to zero for nonfiler tax units.
(12) real after-tax family income per adult equivalent (COHORT.cpi_year $K).
       NOTE: "pretax family income" includes (a) gross earnings
             (including employee DC contributions and employee
             payroll taxes), (b) employer defined-contribution
             pension contributions, (c) social security (OASDI)
             benefits, (d) employer-sponsored pension benefits,
             and (d) other income imputed by income-tax module
             (including tax-exempt interest and the four other
             types of income reported in supplement 4 of the
             GEMINI .xsa, .xsb, and .xsc output results files),
             received by the cohort sample individual and by that
             individual's spouse, if present.
       NOTE: "after-tax family income" is "pretax family income"
             minus federal income tax liability (11) and
             minus employee portion of OASDI and HI payroll tax.
       NOTE: "real after-tax family income" is "after-tax family
             income" deflated from the year when sample
             individuals are atx_age to COHORT.cpi_year using the
             simulated inflation rates for this scenario, and are
             expressed in thousands of COHORT.cpi_year dollars
             per year.
       NOTE: "real after-tax family income per adult equivalent"
             is "real after-tax family income" divided by the
             number of adult equivalents in family at atx_age,
             which is determined by family composition and the
             values of the STATS.equivs_p, STATS.max_k_age, and
             STATS.equivs_f parameters.  The number of adult
             equivalents is the (9) statistic on the age lines
             of the GEMINI .adq output results file and the (16)
             statistic in this output results file.
(13) nominal family DC pension benefits (withdrawals plus annuities) ($K).
(14) nominal family income-tax-module imputed income total ($K).
(15) nominal "pretax family income" as defined above in (12) statistic ($K).
(16) number of adult equivalents in family at age STATS.atx_age.
(17) real "pretax family income" as defined above in (12) statistic ($K).
(18) nominal family DB pension benefits ($K).
(19) nominal family DC employee pension contributions ($K).