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GEMINI output file .BTI

--- .BTI file contains present value of lifetime earnings and
         present value of lifetime net social security benefits
         for each cohort sample individual included in .bta file.

The GEMINI runNNNNN.bti file has no heading lines and no summary lines.
There is one line for each native-born individual for the only scenario
in the run.  The statistics on a line are separated by the tab character.

The statistics on each line are as follows:
(1) ind_id: individual number [same as statistic (2) in .sum file]
(2) present value of adult-equivalent-adjusted couple earnings 
(3) present value of OASDI pretax benefits minus OASDI payroll taxes

Individuals included in this .bti output results file are the same as
used to compile aggregate statistics in the .bta output results file.
Present values are for the birth year, are calculated using nominal
dollars and the constant annual discount rate specified by the 
GEMINI:STATS.bti_drate parameter, and are expressed in thousands
of dollars per annum.  Individual benefits and taxes (rather than
couple benefits and taxes that are adjusted by the adult-equivalent
size of the family) are used to tally benefit-minus-tax present value.

IMPORTANT NOTE: be sure that each run that writes .BTI results is
simulating a solvent OASDI program over the life of the birth cohort.
Also, the .BTA output results file must be written whenever writing
the .BTI output results file.