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GEMINI output file .CPI

--- .CPI file contains consumer price index values by cohort age for
         each scenario.

The GEMINI runNNNNN.cpi file has no heading lines and no summary lines.
There is one line for each relevant cohort age for scenario in the run.
The statistics on a line are separated by the tab character.

The statistics on each line are as follows:
(1) scenario number
(2) cohort age (from 10 through 110)
(3) CPI value (with a value of about 1.0 in SSASIM:COHORT.cpi_year)

The CPI value will be exactly 1.0 for the age cohort individuals are in
the SSASIM:COHORT.cpi_year only if the simulated inflation rate over the
years between SSASIM:RUN.year_zero to SSASIM:COHORT.cpi_year is exactly
the same as the historical inflation rate documented in the SSASIM:HISTORY
table. With a positive inflation rate, the CPI value will rise above 1.0
as age increases beyond the cohort's age in SSASIM:COHORT.cpi_year.

To convert a nominal amount to a real amount (expressed in cpi_year
dollars), simply divide the nominal amount at age A by the CPI value
for age A.