Pension Projection Models

Suggestions for Getting Started with the PSG Models

First, read the Getting Started with the PSG Models document.

Second, be sure you are acquainted with the several modes of PSG model operation.

Third, download all three of the PSG models from the download page and test their installation by passing the benchmark tests described there. Then register your copy of SSASIM, and optionally, your copy of GEMINI.

Fourth, start the PSG models RSF Toolkit by clicking on the red Tk icon. Click on the Build button to construct a simple CBA mode run specification file (rsf) that raises the OASI payroll tax rate by half a percentage point in some future year (see page 2 of the Getting Started with the RSF Toolkit document for a similar example). Execute the run by pressing the Crtl-G key. See the OASDI actuarial balance statistic in column 27 under the heading pabalc in the SSASIM .ssa output file by using the ... SSASIM output ... item on the Analyze menu (full documentation of all output file contents is available from the Toolkit's RSF menu).

Extend your first analysis session by copying this tax reform rsf (use SaveAs button and a different rsf name and a different RUN.id number), comment out the statements that implement the payroll tax rate increase (so that the new rsf has no reform provisions, and therefore, defines the current-law or scheduled-benefits policy regime), execute the run, and compare the actuarial balance in the two runs using the Differences in SSASIM output across runs item on the Analyze menu.

Please email the Policy Simulation Group to report any problems getting started with the PSG models.

This page was last revised on February 17, 2016.